Day 76 – From Small Sherrold Lake to Tentsite, mile 1073

July 5.

Started a bit earlier at 6.45 – the time where late starts were ok due to the cold mornings in the Sierras is over…

Cactass went first, wanting to be early at the road where her boyfriend Tim would pick her up for some zero days in South Lake Tahoe. I caught up with Tinkle first and Cactass short before lunch.

Amazing beauty was waiting again… The landscape keeps changing so much during these days. I did not expect this section Northern California to be this beautiful! I took about 70 photos just today…

Lunch at 12pm at mile 1062 – already more than 12 miles done. Satisfied with the progress…

Cactass left us as planned at the Blue Lake road, we pushed on to finish the remaining miles to South Lake Tahoe as quick as possible – Keen to have a zero day there as well.

In the afternoon, the landscape continued changing and the wind picked up significantly on the exposed hills…

Yes, this mountain is really called like this… 😂

In the evening, we pushed on until after 7pm in search for tentsites protected from the wind – with an amazing view.

Pitched tents at mile 1073. Nearly 24 miles. A good day.

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