Day 90/91/92/93 – Resting in Chester

July 19 to 22.

Sitting in a motel with a sore throat and fever. Not my idea of a zero day, especially not 4! And not even working WiFi in the room… 😂

I spent the time eating cold&flu medicine, lots of fresh food, sleeping and – I admit – watching Netflix.

It worries me how much I miss being on trail. The fresh air, the cool morning before sunrise, the views, the ever changing landscape that always has a surprise for you….

Taking this unplanned stop also means I am a couple of days behind my plan. And I will be hiking solo for the next days since Cactass and Tinkle have a head start of two days.

That’s good and bad. We were really getting along very well and after hiking together for more or less three months, you get to know each other. So much laughter with both of them. And we kept motivating each other.

On the other hand, I am also excited for some solo time. I am eager to find out how much I have recovered from my flu and how many miles I can do hiking by myself.

I plan to head out tomorrow Monday July 23. Fever seems to be gone, still coughing though.

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