I came a long way…

Sept 24.

Northern Terminus – Pacific Crest Trail – Sept 24 2018

I came a long way. 2650 miles and more than 150 days later, I have completed my journey on the Pacific Crest Trail on Sept 24th!

I am happy, relieved, proud, excited… and haven’t fully understood yet that the hiking has really come to an end.

Southern Terminus (Mexican Border) April 21 2018 / Northern Terminus (Canadian Border) Sept 24 2018

Hiking the PCT meant freedom and new encounters every day. I got used to beautiful sunsets, landscapes that take your breath away. It was a pleasure to meet all these amazing people on trail – especially Cactass, Tinkle and Spirit Kick.

Thanks to my family, friends and former colleagues for their support and encouragement during the last months.

The last two weeks in Washington were the biggest challenge during the hike. We got soaked in heavy rain several times (where also my phone died), had snow several times. We were at a point to turn back and leave the trail due to the weather and limited food. But the weather changed and the sun dried our gear and motivated us to push on.

“The only impossible journey is the one you never begin”


PS: I will be updating the blog for the missing weeks in Washington with amazing photos during the next days…

13 thoughts on “I came a long way…

  1. Hi Flori, herzlichen Glückwunsch!!!

    Eine Wahnsinns-Leistung, wir sind total beeindruckt! Tobi hat gerade ausgerechnet, dass das eine Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit von 28,8 km pro Tag ist! Irre! Du kannst wirklich stolz auf dich sein!

    Und jetzt? Motorrad fahren und dann nach Mexiko, ein bisschen Urlaub machen? Nebenbei Job suchen oder ist das noch kein Thema?

    Uns geht es gut, Adrian ist am Wochenende von seiner Kursstufenfahrt zurückgekommen, eine Woche Griechenland. War super, auch wenn es einige Komplikationen mit Diebstählen und Krankheiten gab, aber Adrian war nicht betroffen. Tobi arbeitet den ganzen Monat September in der Klinik als Pflegehelfer, um sich ein bisschen Geld zu verdienen. Und ab Oktober geht es dann los mit dem Studium… Benni hat den Hammer-Stundenplan, 38 Wochenstunden, das ist echt mehr Arbeit als mancher normaler Arbeitnehmer leistet (mehr als du in den letzten Monaten auf jeden Fall 😉 Bei Kai und mir gibt es nichts großartig Neues…

    Also, nochmal Glückwunsch!

    LG Ulli



  2. Hi Florian, wow congrats to that great experience and that you made it till the end!!!! Surely you now have a full mind of great impressions and are fully balanced and relaxed for you future. Enjoy you first days back in civilization and have oeaceful rehab to normal life under solid roofs! All the best Sandra & Lars


  3. Looking for an update in your blog I saw you finally made it. Awesome! Congratulations and enjoy the new old life in civilization 😉


  4. Hi Florian,

    congratulations. You really made it.
    I was already wondering why your blog had been not continued for a while. It’s clear now. No pictures, no descriptions if your smartphone is dead.

    Enjoy your stay.
    And even more important, plan your way back real live.

    All the Best


    1. Stefan, thank you for the congratulations! Yes, I made it… can not really fully comprehend it by myself. The hike through Washington was more or less without cellphone signal an no WIFI in the resupply stops. And then my phone died in the rain. I will be updating my blog in the next days… not easy to remember all details, but my hiking buddies are helping out with milestones etc. Coming back to real life??? :-p


  5. Hi Florian,
    Congrats! Enjoy all the feelings, the good ones and the bad ones. I’m keen on reading the missing dayreports since Cascade Lock. Hope to see U soon when you’re back in good ol’ europe.
    All the best


    1. Thanks a lot! I am on a roadtrip now going South alongside the PCT. It is actually quite a mixture of happiness and sadness… I need to get those journal entries for the whole Washington section done… yes. 😉 Takes longer than expected with my daily notes gone together with my smartphone. But I will complete them.


  6. Hello Florian! I have been anticipating your finish and you DID IT!!!! Congratulations! An incredible expedition, adventure and full embracing of Mother Nature. Sounds like you may be elsewhere by now (out of Washington State) but do let me know if I can do anything for you or you need a lift anywhere given I’m in Seattle. Would love to hear more about you’re epic experiences!




    1. Leigh, thank you so much for following me as I made my way up North. At the end, time was passing so quickly and now it is done. Tempus fugit. After a couple of days in Vancouver and Portland, I am now on a roadtrip going South alongside the PCT towards Los Angeles – today in Mammoth Lakes, CA. Getting again to the places that I saw on my hike is great. Happiness and sadness are close together as I am working on the missing journal entries for the Washington section.
      Thank you very much for the offer to help! I was actually close to reaching out to you when we were stuck in Manning Park, BC trying to get to Vancouver. But then we got lucky with a hitch and it would have been very far from Seattle… 😉
      Hope to stay in touch! Will be flying back home mid of October.


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