Day 47 – From Kennedy Meadows to Tentsite, mile 722

June 6.


Into the Sierra!

Left the campground at the Kennedy Meadows General Store at 6.15am, walked to the trail head. It was not easy to get up early. The last night had been long and fun with lots of beers.


Took a break at South Fork Kern river at mile 716 where we met a lot of other hikers. Also Husk and Queso joined the group. The bridge leading over the river is noticable. Close to hundred swallow’s nests hang under the bridge. It is the only construction by humans surely within several miles. Still the birds chose exactly this spot for their nests. And they were busy feeding their offsprings… There were birds constantly flying in and out.

Tough day, heavy pack with bear canister and 7 days food. And a climb from 6000 feet to 9700, overall climb of 4875 feet or 1600m.

Pitched my tent at a nice tentsite with spectacular view at mile 722 at 9700 feet altitude.

Delicious Mountain House dinner sweet and sour pork. So hungry.

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