Day 109 – From tentsite to tentsite, mile 1710

Aug 7.


Started walking 6.45am with just a couple of miles to a really important milestone – the California/Oregon border!

For 109 days and close to 1700 miles / 2735 km, I have been hiking from the Mexican border (Campo, CA) all the way through California. The PCT leads from Mexico to Canada through just three states – and California is by far the longest. Oregon and Washington are each roughly 500 miles to walk.

So arriving at the border this morning meant a lot for me. Completing the PCT is really possible and even the timing seems to turn out ok. I am expecting to reach Canada end of September now.


Soon after border, the next milestone waited for me – another 100 miles marker, the 1700 miles marker.


To make it to Ashland respectively highway 5 today would have meant 33 miles today. I was thinking about pushing on to Ashland today a lot. It would also mean a chance to catch up with Cactass and Tinkle – the two girls I had been hiking with from the beginning for a good three months.

There was one or the other climb during the day, but the afternoon was all downhill towards Ashland. Still my progress indicated that I would make it maybe around 8pm to the highway, not a good time for getting a hitch into town.

I decided to camp with a handful of other hikers about 6 miles from the highway. Planning an early start tomorrow, I should make it for breakfast into town.

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