Final gear check done


Alright – that’s it. Final gear check done. The photo above shows everything I will carry resp. wear when I start hiking the PCT in Campo, CA on April 21st.

7 days until I fly out. 9 days to trail. Excited. A bit nervous.

Looks like a lot of stuff. Let’s see how much I will reduce my pack as I move along. Besides the essentials, I have luxury items like an eBook reader, power bank plus solar charger, paper maps, a seat pad…

7 thoughts on “Final gear check done

  1. Wow, its not that much for such a long time… make sure to pack your credit card and add the locations of all the Hilton Hotels on the trail to your GPS 😉👍🏻


  2. Come on… that is actually a lot to take on the trail! 😉 Thanks for the advice on the hotels :-P. I will be living on a tight budget. Maybe a hostel or motel once in a while to shower, get laundry done…


    1. 🙂 Thank you for caring! First aid kit – check! (yellow pack on the photo mid-right). Insect repellent – No, never had any good experience with that. I think the real nasty bugs just don’t care. I am hiking always with long sleeves and long pants plus mosquito net for the face where needed. Some mosquitoes bite through the clothes… just keep moving until they are gone… 🙂


  3. Seems people keep congratulating me on my strange choice of shoes (the Crocs), I need to explain… No, these are not for hiking. I will be only hiking in the Salomon Ultra Mids on the right of the photo. Good and light mid hiking boots without any Goretex membrane to make them as breathable as possible for the desert.
    The Crocs come in for relaxing the feet at camp as well as river crossings. There are only few bridges on the trail, especially the Sierra section. The Crocs are very light, still cover and protect the toes and fit quite well – so loosing them in a stream is not so probable.
    Other hikers choose to hike in trail runners and walk with these also through the rivers.
    HYOH. Hike Your Own Hike. 🙂


  4. Don‘t be nervous buddy. It must be both scary and exciting to be able to capture all material belongings that will be part of your life in the next 6 months on one picture! Cleare changes the perspective and prio of what is important in life! Have a safe ride to the US and enjoy the start of your journey. Keep blogging, this let’s us hike eith you somehow…. All the best Lars


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