Travel to the US and a day at a trail angel’s house

On April 19th the PCT experience started right at the airport Frankfurt.

We were 5 German PCT hikers checking in for the same flight via Seattle to San Diego. We have different start dates though… With me heading out on April 21st, the others starting on April 22nd or 23rd. But starting within a few days means that we will run into each other again and again.

I was actually sitting in the plane right next to Veronika from Munich – so we had no trouble getting through the long flight with chatting about the upcoming adventure.

After arriving at San Diego, we took an Uber to the famous Scout & Frodo trail angel house.

It is difficult to explain and understand what this experienced hiker couple is doing for PCT hikers. They are truly trail angels: for several months per year, they open up their beautiful house and host up to 30(!!!) hikers per day. They feed us hikers with three meals a day, let us sleep in their house or in several tents in their lawn… Share lots of experience from long distance hiking… And create such a nice and friendly atmosphere for us just before we face the adventure of a lifetime.

Scout & Frodo – thank you so much for doing this!

Such an amazing hospitality right at the beginning of the trip is a really good start!

In the morning of April 20th, I was still sleeping on the sofa in the living room when the shuttle left with the hikers of the day to the Southern terminus.

I spent the day chatting with other hikers, watching a shakedown, eating and shopping at a nearby grocery store.

1 day to trail. Tomorrow at 6am I will be on the shuttle to the terminus. Can’t wait.

2 thoughts on “Travel to the US and a day at a trail angel’s house

  1. Florian, this is so great. I am envious of the trip but don’t think I have the balls to do what you are doing. You are the man. You’ll make lots of memories and learn so much. Looking forward to more photos and posts. Enjoy!


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