Day 8 – Zero Day at Warner Springs

Zero day – trail talk for a day with zero miles walked, i.e. resting day.

Slept great – probably in anticipation of doing nothing, just hanging out with hikers at the Warner Springs community resource center. And I love my ear plugs. Not just because of the noise of other hikers but also the wind.

We went on a group of maybe 8 to the restaurant of the nearby golf resort and enjoyed American breakfast and lots of coffee refills.

The day was fun done we all got to disguise ourselves with loaner clothes while washing ours.

Rotem played some tunes and let us bite the guitar.

Time to recharge batteries, eat and chat.

In the evening, Cactass and Gorgeous got us beer and chips. We had a relaxing mellow evening with music, beer, chips and smiles.

A great evening to end the first week of hiking.

One thought on “Day 8 – Zero Day at Warner Springs

  1. Hey Florian, hope you enjoyed your „day off“. 😉
    Quick question: is yiur whatsapp account still on? All the best Lars


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