Day 15 – Snow Canyon Road to Whitewater Reserve, mile 218

What a beautiful warm night! Woke up around 6am, skipped breakfast. Ready to walk at 6.30am. Cactass and Addison still asleep, Johanna started walking towards the highway. I followed about 30 min later.

Since we were supposed to meet Addison’s mom at 8 am at the interstate, I was pushing and enjoying the flat terrain.

Walking among giants

At the interstate underpass amazing trail magic. Fresh fruits, cool drinks, Cliff bars, cookies…. But I had missed Addison’s call.

His mom had come with a friend with two cars, one car was full with hikers already on its way to the Cabazon Starbucks, I was the last one missing for the second car. Addison, thanks for finding me!

Addison picked me up, drove to the Cabazon Starbucks. We occupied with 6-7 hikers the power outlets and enjoyed ice coffee. We moved over for lunch to Ruby’s. I was tempted to go with a nice big breakfast with French toast, but took the healthy choice – a huge salad with chicken breast.

After the food, we drove on to a Big 5 outdoor shop some miles away. Some of us completed or adjusted their gear. Back to Starbucks. We spend several hours charging and on WiFi. We started hiking again at mile 210 around 4pm where we had been picked up. It was so hot… Upper 90 F/ Mid 30 Celsius and no shade.
Steep ascend going up through the wind park.

Nice views. Good walking as it got colder around 5-6pm.

Arrived at 8pm at the White water preserve. Darkness was coming, needed my headlamp to find the area for hikers to pitch my tent. Had a quick dinner. Just saw Cactass and Johanna arriving around 9pm as I went asleep.

Warm night, no need for the sleeping bag…

That was some tough hiking for me in the heat – just 12 miles. I need to try other hiking hours… The heat in the afternoon was really bad.

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