Day 41 – From Bird Spring Pass to Lake Isabella, mile 652

May 31st. Another early start for the push to Lake Isabella. Due to a 1500 feet climb, we got motivated to leave camp at 5.15am.

I had a really bad night, did not sleep much. The wind had kept me awake, shaking the tent that I did not really pitch sufficiently due to the loose ground. Learning… Better keep looking for a suitable spot to stake down the tent decently.

But the show had to go on… And I had to keep walking to make it to Lake Isabella tonight.

Red morning sky
Beautiful desert landscape in the early morning

The early morning climb at least offered breath taking views again. At the top around 7000 feet, I settled down for a coffee break.

Coffee and oatmeal with a view

After the climb, most of the remaining miles led even or even downhill through a beautiful landscape with more trees and shade again.

Coming to the highway around 3.30pm, we tried our best to hitch a ride to the 30+miles distant Lake Isabella.

After maybe 30 minutes we were lucky. A big RV that had passed us but seen my “PCT Hiker to town” sign came back minutes later and u-turned to take all of our group (8 hikers!) to Lake Isabella. Thank you very much! You guys were great!

We came to town, had fast food and split up. Some of us went to the campground, I voted with Cactass and Tinkle for the motel. Quick laundry and a relaxing evening.

Competence in water and soap?

I was really ready for some good and long night sleep…

Die Nacht bietet so ein faszinierendes Gefühl von Isolation. Nachts ist man frei, die Welt lässt Dich in Ruhe.

3 thoughts on “Day 41 – From Bird Spring Pass to Lake Isabella, mile 652

  1. Florian – what amazing stories & beautiful scenery you share and unbelievable commitment you have! It’s incredible to see how you’re managing through all kinds of challenges. And that you’re taking your recovery days when you need them. Congratulations on 1000km! An incredible journey so far…


    1. Leigh, thanks! Actually it is just another big milestone today. I finished the desert, mile 700 now…now I need to adjust some of my gear for the high Sierra, probably take a rest day… And that head into the beautiful mountains!


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