Day 45 – From Manter Creek to Kennedy Meadows, mile 702

June 4. Slept pretty well. It had cooled down during the night, that helped with the sleep.

Started walking at 6am… Motivated to make it to Kennedy Meadows by 10am and with that in time for breakfast. The trail followed a river… The sweet sound of running water accompanied us on the last steps towards Kennedy Meadows. With that also the anticipation of having creeks, rivers and lakes around you for the next section, the High Sierra.

Being able to wash yourself every day… Do some laundry, wash the dishes… 😁

700 miles marker
Oh yes. 700 miles done. And so excited to move on to the Sierra.

After the 700 miles marker, it was just a couple of miles to Kennedy Meadows and the General Store there.

Will be camping here at the Kennedy Meadows General Store for a night or two.

Light boots for the desert (left), leather boots for the Sierra and beyond (right).

Time to prepare the gear for the Sierra, fill the bear canister… And give my feet some rest.

2 thoughts on “Day 45 – From Manter Creek to Kennedy Meadows, mile 702

  1. Hi Florian, its great to see how you make your miles in such a beautiful landscape. Where there‘s a will, there‘s a way 👍🏻. It was quite funny to read your comment about the Hobo and the Thruhiker.. what is your nick name on the PCT? Enjoy your time in the High Sierra and hope you will have not so much snow. Greetings from the sunny German Wine street 🌞 Karin

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