Day 69 – From Tuolumne to tentsite, mile 958

June 28.

Started hiking 9.30am after breakfast at Tuolumne grill. Saw Jinx, TwinkleToes, Josh, …

Breakfast sandwich was tiny. Cinnamon role was ok. Coffee, orange juice, two plums…
Quick stop and tasting at the nearby soda spring.

Hiking on unknown territory again – looking forward to it. My JMT journey in 2016 had split from the PCT here and ended in Yosemite Valley.

We ran into several rangers, on horse back and on foot. We were checked for our permits! First time since on trail! Chitchat with another ranger 20min later… They were escorting a hiker without bear canister out to see a judge… potential fine of 5000USD.

Lunch break at 1pm for two hours on a beautiful meadow, not too many mosquitoes. Tortillas with peanut butter…

Reached tentsite at 7.15pm.

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