Day 72 – From tentsite to tentsite, mile 1006

July 1. With May and June two calendar months spent on trail. 😊 A special day in many regards…

Started hiking 7.15am as usual. Mile 1000 at 1pm!!!

We celebrated the milestone with a very long (too long) lunch break.
In the afternoon, the scenery changed… Really looks different to the high Sierra. Different trees, different mountains. Also water is gonna be more scarce. I am so excited about the change to come.

Since weeks if not months it is the first day we saw clouds in the sky.

Pitching tents early at 6pm at mile 1006. Tomorrow is the day we will come to town again to resupply.

I plan to take videos tomorrow to document a bit a typical day on trail. Let’s see.

We had another camp fire and dinner.

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