Day 82 – From Tentsite to Donner Pass, mile 1153.

July 11.

After yesterdays 25 miles/40km, we wanted to keep doing 25 miles today and tomorrow as well. That will leave 20 to come into Sierra City on Friday evening.
Started 6.30am – after watching a beautiful sunrise during breakfast.

Short break at 9am with 7 miles done.

The beauty of the landscape kept motivating us…

The afternoon got longer and longer. While we had again done the first 15 miles before 1pm, we realized that there was no tentsite in the maps around mile 1150, so we pushed on to Donner Pass around 1153. At Donner pass is a small Ski Ranch that offers free 1 liter beer for hikers. 😜

As it got later and later, I offered to run ahead the last miles to make it to the restaurant before the kitchen closes. I made it at 7.56pm, just before 8pm. Cactass and Tinkle came in about 20min later. We enjoyed burgers, wingsand the free beer. No big surprise – at 9.30pm we were wasted and had no more energy to push on. Coincidentally the Ski ranch also has hostel beds available – paid 30USD for a bed and a shower.

28 miles – long day.

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