Day 84 – From Lacey Creek to Sierra City, 1195

July 13.

Got an early start at 6.20am – good. Rested enough for another long day. We will be aiming for 10 before 10am, 15 by 1pm and as early as possible 23 miles to hit Sierra City before the store and restaurants close.

We made 9.8 at 10am – not bad. The morning took us over some hills with amazing views again – this wide open landscape doesn’t stop to amaze.

Fitting soundtrack for today:

Holocene – Bon Iver

We completed 15 miles by 12.45pm – check. 👍🏻😁

Came into town/general store 5.35pm, the general store was still open but their burgers were not available anymore – they had closed the kitchen at 5.30pm – what a disappointment.

Sierra City – General store and post office

Bought snacks and realized that the little town was completely booked out. No room, no shower, no laundry?

We camped next to the church with twenty other hikers – a very crowded spot that night. There was a public bathroom with a cold shower available – I skipped. 😂

Ok – with all that frustration we spend quite some money on a decent dinner with wine.

Probably the best dinner since months…

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