Day 94 – From Chester to Domingo Lake, mile 1342

July 23.

Small breakfast in motel room, then went to the post office to send two packages to Ashland.

Eager to go back to trail. Hitchhiking the 7.5 miles to trail. Shared the hitch with Twerk, Hotpants and the three French.

9.45am on trail.

10.45am at Stover spring, 1332

12 miles left to Lassen NP border. Let’s see how close I will get.

1pm lunch at North Fork Feather River, mile 1338.

Plan to hike about 5 more miles close to the Lassen NP border. Will take enough water for dry camping.

I decided for a little adventure. Domingo lake looked tempting on the map, is however half a mile off trail and not really accessible from the PCT. I did some bushwhacking to a jeeproad that led to the lake. At the end of the lake, a beautiful space for camping, a fire pit… And the very beautiful lake – it seems I will have that all for myself. 😎

Big dragonflies dancing over the lake.

Pitched my tent at 4.30pm, spent the afternoon lying in the grass at the lake. Washing my feet and legs.

Mountain House dinner – Chicken Teriyaki, only the best to get fully recovered soon.

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