Day 99 – From tentsite to Ash Campground, mile 1468

July 28.

Got up early at 5.20am. Night was nice cool, a good refreshment. Poptart in the tent, coffee after breaking down the tent. Then started chatting with Flower… At the end, we only started hiking at 6.45am.

Just 8 miles by 10am, so I kept pushing.

Lunch and water at 1230pm at 1456, 15 miles done. The views remained limited due to the smoke. I was supposed to have a great view on Mt Shasta by now… Judge for yourself, that’s the best view I would get before coming into the town of Mt Shasta days later.

Peak of Mount Shasta floating above the smoke

Motivated by other hikers and their talk about a creek at the Ash campground, I kept pushing and made it there by 6.20pm – 28 miles today.

Pitched tent and took a bath in the river. Rinsed my clothes. Mashed potato dinner, chat with Gusty. In tent by 9pm.

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