Day 104 – From tentsite to tentsite, mile 1583

Aug 2.

Started 6am after a very quick breakfast. Hiked for the first few hours with Crumbs, we had a nice chat.

10 miles by 10am. Smoke seemed a bit better – only in the valleys, it stayed rather visible.

Lunch 1pm 1571, 17 miles done. Not bad at all. Feels like I might be able to do around 30 miles again today.

Gusty, Stuckfoot and I aimed for a last water at mile 1582, that would make it a 29 miles day. The spring was a bit off trail and pretty slow. I waited a while for my turn, Gusty and Stuckfoot caught up on me. They decided to have dinner at the spring and continue afterwards. Crumbs was already ahead.

The free roaming cows have bells here – like in the Alps!

Pretty tired around 7pm, I left the spring trying to find the next tentsite. There were 4-5 hikers ahead and the terrain was steep, so I was a bit worried about find a spot to pitch my tent soon. There was nothing on the ridge – I had to walk close to a mile to finally find a single spot.

Pitching my tent at 7.45pm.

30 miles. Today was a better day than yesterday. Looking forward to hit Etna tomorrow.

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