Day 106 – From Etna to tentsite, mile 1623

Aug 4.

Ride to the trail head at 8.30am leaving at the Etna motel. We stopped at the gas station – I can get a real coffee! 😁

On trail 9.15h. It’s gonna be a long day with short breaks if I want to do more than 25. But I kind of have to. Want to make it to Seiad Valley tomorrow – because for the climb out of that valley, I need to be fresh so it has to be in the morning for me.

Soon after the trail head, I passed the 1600 miles marker.

1600 done, 1050 left to Canada
The morning is much cooler than the last days. But the smoke is back. Visibility is little – can’t even see the next hill.

First stop after about 11 miles at 12.45pm at Shelley Lake outlet, mile 1608. The visibility gets better.

I realize I lost the bite valve of my platypus drinking bladder. I ran back worried half a mile, but no luck. Going back to my pack, I found it under it. 😂 It’s the small things that make you happy… Efficient and quick 1 hour lunch break, I even manage to get a quick nap.

I kept pushing to the next water. While the trail is relatively even, I miss taking more breaks – my normal routine is start around 6.30am, break around 10am after 10 miles, lunch break at 1pm after 15-17 miles and another break at 5pm before finding a tentsite around 7pm. In these breaks I take off my shoes and stretch and massage my feet.

Camped around 7.30pm at a tentsite at mile 1623. My feet hurt. It’s not the distance – just 26 miles today – it’s taking too little breaks.

Seiad Valley is in 30.4 miles from here. I want to get there tomorrow, so I will need an early start. The general store there seems to close at 8pm. Since I need an early start also the day after tomorrow, I need to get to the store in time to resupply to make my plan work…

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