Day 108 – From Seiad Valley to tentsite, mile 1683

Aug 6.


Left 7am the campground. Just as I came into Seiad Valley via a long roadwalk, I am also leaving. After a couple of miles, the road changed to an unpaved forest road.

A buck approached and started following me for good 15 minutes – a new experience. In the last weeks, I had seen more and more deer and they became also less cautious. But actively approaching me so that I could have touched it – that was new.

An hour later, another noise in the bushes uphill, I expected yet another deer. But the noise sounded like a bigger animal. It seemed like I had startled a black bear. He ran away some meters, then stopped and stood on his back legs facing me curiously. But he was not as brave as the buck (and I am thankful for that) – he turned and disappeared in the bushes.

At about 11am the Jeep road that I had used met the PCT again at mile 1668. The roadwalk had been really fast and rather easy on the feet – nearly 15 PCT miles done at 11am! I deserved a break with poptart and coffee, nice.

Some hikers arrived soon after by pickup and quads. A girl offered trail magic from ther pickup. I enjoyed a popsicle and a soda before moving on.

Lunch at mile 1674 at 2.15pm. Still feeling good, the roadwalk was really easy on the feet. 20 miles by (late) lunch is nothing was I normally do.


Taking water again at Alex Hole Spring, mile 1681, at 6pm. I joined Crumbs for dinner there before walking some more miles to a tentsite.

Moved on for another 2 miles to a tentsite. Lots of hikers camping here, same girl from lunch time doing trail magic out of her pickup. Lucky us… trail magic traveling with us. Got a beer for dinner and a good night sleep. 🙂

29 miles. Good day.

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