Day 118 – From tentsite to Shelter Cove, mile 1904

Aug 16.


We got an early start at the water cache, on trail 6.30am.

Found the trail head for the Oregon Skyline Trail (OST) and started the hike for about 20 miles towards Shelter Cove. A shop for resupply, potentially a shower, laundry and some hot food were waiting for us.


We did 10 miles by 10 and walked a bit further to the Whitefish Horse Campground for tap water and an early lunch break in the shade.

Continued through the heat and humidity. We walked behind a family riding horses on the OST for quite a while. The trail was so dusty… Dust everywhere and the horses created even bigger clouds of dust.


But the trail was easy to walk and we made good progress towards Shelter Cove. The Oregon Skyline Trail is an alternate to the PCT. We had expected better views – at the end it was again lots of trees and some lakes with mosquitoes.


The last section just before Shelter Cove was beautiful – following a river leading into Shelter Cove.

With just 20 miles today, we made it early enough to Shelter Cove for all the errands we had planned. We ran into Happy Hermit leaving the resort already – he had been taking a dip in the lake instead of a shower and was heading back to trail.


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