Day 120 – From Bobby Lake to Cliff Lake, mile 1942

Aug 18.


Cold morning, so we got a bit later start at 7.15am. Bobby Lake offered spectacular views with the rising of the sun.

We saw signs from an ultra trail run (100km) and ran into a station shortly after. We chatted with the people there and got some trail magic… Got some snacks and moved on.

I love banana

We took water at 7 miles in at Charlton lake but continued on without break. We needed to reduce our breaks to make more miles. We planned to filter in another two miles where cellphone reception was expected. We did some online ordering for gear replacement at Amazon and REI.

Today we ran into Pinecone, Medicine Man and Sharpshooter a couple of times.

Next stop at Stormy Lake at 2.15pm. Took a bath and thoroughly washed, had lunch and relaxed.

Stormy Lake – Perfect for swimming

Just before leaving, Crumbs showed up. Some smalltalk, then we left.


Arrived at a tentsite above Cliff Lake at 7.15pm. Pitched the tents, got dinner and slept before nightfall.

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