Day 125 – From Olallie Lake to Timothy Lake, mile 2073

Aug 23.


Woke up at 6.15am, nice breakfast with lots of food from the shop, including a cinnamon roll. When the shop opened at 7am, I also got a coffee there.

Some small talk with an older hiker that I had already chatted with yesterday evening. It turned out he is a trail angel out of San Diego when he offered us freshly made breakfast burritos. 😁 His trail name is Otzi, he through hiked the PCT in 1975!

Tinkle and Otzi

We accepted the burritos gladly and carried them as second breakfast for the 10 miles morning break…

Lunch and water break at Warm Springs river, 19 miles in. We joined Happy Hermit and Paradise in their shady spot.


We kept on hiking in the evening until 8pm. Looking for a protected tentsite, we passed Happy Hermit’s and Paradise’s campsite. The clouds looked like rain was coming, so we wanted something less exposted to wind.

We finally came to a very beautiful spot right at Timothy Lake, another hiker Dang had already a fire going and invited us to join.


30 miles. Nice.

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