Stopover at Faroe Islands

March 25.

We were woken in our cabins by the speaker informing us that we arrived as planned at 6am at Faroe Islands.  I took my time with breakfast, enjoyed the views from the ship.

Connected with James and Luise, we headed out together at 7am discovering the island.

We walked from the harbor alongside the coast and got our feet wet. I won a bet – yes, there is really a lot of cars driving with winter tires with spikes here. Free beer for me tonight. 😉

We walked back through town, stopped at the Brell Cafe – a small and cozy coffee shop – recommendable. Spent a while there chatting and of WiFi. James and Luise are both spending several weeks on Iceland – we agreed to stay in touch there – with ideas on excursion, nice spots to stay or maybe help out each other.

Back on the ferry around 12pm – it is supposed to leave the harbor at 2pm. I checked on my car, got some food from there.



The ferry continued as planned. The route led through the Faroe Islands with some spectacular views.

We will arrive in Iceland tomorrow morning around 9am. Faroe Islands already left such a good impression – I am really excited to get to Iceland.

The number of passengers was already low when we left Denmark. Now after the stop on Faroe Islands, the ship was nearly empty. James, Luise and I enjoyed some beers at the bar – the barkeeper opened the happy hour earlier for us ;-). Herbert joined us and we celebrated the last night on the ship.

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