John Muir Trail – Getting there

July 24.

I caught my flight from Frankfurt via Amsterdam to Los Angeles in the morning. I am not too keen on flying anymore – but getting to California without taking a plane really takes a lot of time and commitment. 😜

Anyway – the 11h KLM flight to LAX was surprisingly nice. The seat only started killing me after a couple of hours, the catering was really tasty, movie selection was good too.

The immigration officer made my day. When I stated my purpose of visit (vacation/leisure), he inquired further and I shared that I will be hiking in the Sierras. He wondered whether I would be hiking the John Muir Trail! 😁 So I shared some insights, he was really interested… And we closed our conversation with his remark that he wouldn’t call the purpose of the visit leisure if it means hiking for 3-4 weeks. 🀣

Waiting for the bus ride from LAX to Union Station was nerve wrecking… Traffic chaos, cars honking everywhere… But I made it to Union Station and later to the Metrolink to Lancaster.
I would have fallen asleep in the train if if wasn’t freezing cold from the AC…

The train crossed the Pacific Crest Trail near Acton, mile 444.

At the Acton KOA campground during my 2018 PCT hike, I got my trail name that I would only slowly accept…

Me and my (borrowed) Daisy Dukes, Acton KOA 2018

In Lancaster, I had a 30min walk along the main street passing used car dealerships, gun shops, massage parlors…

I remember very well my last night before hitting the John Muir Trail in 2016. I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep…

This time I will be hiking the JMT for the third time. I am much more relaxed since I know what is coming. But my expectations are high – even higher.

It seems I love the Sierras more with every visit.
It’s the solitude and self-determination that I long for.

And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.- John Muir

4 thoughts on “John Muir Trail – Getting there

  1. Hi Florian,

    seem that your vacation will continue forever :-).

    Have a safe hike thru the Sierra and back home.

    All the best


    1. Thanks Stefan! Can’t wait to get up into these mountains again. 😬 But believe it or not – even my endless vacation comes to an end – will be a good contributing member of our society again and start working Sept. 😊


      1. Good to hear.
        Do I know your future employer already? Something in Mannheim Sandhofen?

        Have fun!


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