JMT – Day 2 – From Rock Creek to Guitar Lake

July 27.
Woke first time around 1am. With all my sleeping gear on (long sleeved underwear, the liner and the sleeping bag closed up, it was bit too warm. Despite the many hikers tenting here, it was rather quiet from human noise since Rock Creek was noisy.
Tried to fall asleep a couple of times, finally got up at 5.45am, left camp 6.45am.

BeeMe had left just before, Nick still was asleep. I was eager to hike on, our ways would part today anyway.

First … on trail. With a beautiful view.

I ran into Casper, a PCT and CDT thruhiker. He was struggling like me this morning. We chatted a bit… It was kind of reassuring to hear that other thruhikers are also out of shape.
Break after that climb at mile 763 at 8.30am.

After a while Casper caught up, we continued chatting. 1130am made it to Crabtree Meadows. 8 miles in 4.5 hours. Very slow, but not a total disaster. Will take an hour lunch break here, then continue. It became a 2 hour break, but it was good to rest.

I cooked a warm meal before leaving 130pm for that 3.5 miles for today to Guitar lake.

Made it faster than I thought at 3pm to Guitar lake. So many familiar sights. Even before seeing the guitar shaped lake, I could make out the rock and mountain formations from all the photos I took on my previous visits.
Will take a break, pitch my tent and enjoy the long afternoon rest.

Pitched my tent, recorded a time lapse. Now at 3.45pm, I really just wanna close my eyes and rest.

At this very moment, I do not see myself summiting Mt Whitney tomorrow morning.
It might only be 3000 feet/1000m left to the summit at 14480 feet, but i really feel tired and exhausted. Surely lack of sleep, altitude and maybe a bit of a cold I might have caught during the flight.

But I will take a decision tomorrow morning. Ate dinner around 6pm. Clouds covered the sun, the temperature immediately dropped. I decided to take Ibuprofen against my headache for a good sleep.
Chatted with a nice family of three before going into my tent. The daughter just turned 13 on trail some days ago. They were planning to get up at 1am to summit for sunrise to end their JMT SoBo hike.

Finally in the tent at 730pm.

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