JMT – Day 5 – Via Forester and Kearsage pass to Flower Lake, mile 788+5

July 30.

With the ladies all around me starting to get ready around 5am, I gave up with my hope to sleep in and got up around 5.45am. While they were leaving to climb Forester pass, I took my time with breakfast and coffee, left around 6.30am.

Around 7.15am I was at the top, had overtaken the other group easily. On the Northern side, there were 2-3 extended snow fields to cross. I had given in to fear and brought microspikes! 😝 I had hiked the Sierras two times before, once in June, once in July. But since I had brought them, I tried them out.

As I was heading down Forester, more and more JMT SoBos came by – easily 30 hikers before noon. I start to feel the trail again… I realized that when I noticed that one of the hikers that passed me actually smelled good. Usually a sure sign for a section hiker. 😂

Took my lunch break at Middle Vidette Meadow, mile 787. Had my first Idahoan on trail, roasted garlic. Thanks Cactass for that treat!

Idahoan Mashed potatoes – typical hiker food

8.4 miles by 12pm. Not amazing, not shabby either. I feel that hiking alone is really faster. I play around alternatives… 9.4 miles to Onion Valley campground, hit Bishop tonight. Or I just camp somewhere between Kearsage pass and Onion valley and hit town tomorrow.

Passed Bullfrog lake. One of my favorite spots on trail.

Kearsage pass at 3.30pm. Tempted by the thought of a Coke zero with ice.

Pitched my tent at Flower lake at 4.30pm, 2.5 miles before Onion Valley campground. Today were about 15 miles with two passes – really enough. The plan is to hike down in the morning and get lucky with a hitch to Bishop early enough for breakfast. And I want to be hero… So I will stick to make a full zero in Bishop the day after tomorrow. So a nero and a zero. 😬 I am ahead of my schedule, so I feel this is well deserved.

More food fantasies: ice cold coke, milk shake, grilled salmon with broccoli, breakfast toasts and eggs sunny side up. A big green salad.

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