JMT – Day 8 – From Flower Lake via Kearsage and Glen pass to Dollar lake, mile 796

Aug 2.

Had slept pretty good and comfortably. Woke up at 6am, packed my stuff. Shared a quick breakfast with the nice German couple. We exchanged contact details and said our goodbyes.

Left camp 645am to climb the rest of 11800 feet Kearsage pass. 815am I was on top but continued onwards pretty soon.

My plan for today is to go over Glen pass, maybe camp around Rae lakes or later.

Met a few hikers who reported very differently on the conditions at Glen. And I met the younger hiking couple again that had generously given me a box full of Mountain Houses and other treats two days ago when I met them at Onion Valley.

Morning break at 945am at mile 790, 1.2 miles and 900 feet to Glen pass.

1110am at the top of Glen pass.

215pm taking a nap at Rae lakes. Still think I should do more miles. My headache is back. Problem is the next pass is Pinchot in 13 miles or so. Even if I do a few more miles today, I will only approach Pinchot but not make it tomorrow.

A ranger just came by for a check. She didn’t ask for a permit but for the bear can.

Finally pitching my tent at Dollar lake, mile 796. About 13 miles today.

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