Day 3 – Kitchen Creek to Mount Laguna, mile 41

A nice morning. The sounds of birds and frogs woke me up short before 6am, so I was on trail before 7am. Just before passing the bee hive, I met another hiker and we hurried by together. No problems this time, guess they were really sleepy as I was hoping.

I did not feel as refreshed as the previous day… The heat got me early. I took breaks at 5 miles, 7 miles and around 10 miles just before Mount Laguna, the destination for today.

Had a nice chat with Rotem in a long lunch break at mile 10, later on also Paulina joined.

We hiked together the last mile to Mount Laguna. We did some shopping at the general store, I picked up my package. I had ordered enough food for 4-5 days to take me to Warner Springs. With the food I had left, I am now carrying way too much food.

So at least for dinner I could eat my own food – the only restaurant in town is closed on Monday.

We had a nice dinner in a group with other PCT hikers. Later Rotem was playing Ukulele and singing at the fire – PCT life at its best.

A video will follow later.

A great day with nice company. Looking forward to tomorrow. It should be even or downhill for the next 30 miles.

3 thoughts on “Day 3 – Kitchen Creek to Mount Laguna, mile 41

  1. Oh man, the heat on the desert is a bitch, glad you had a short day!
    It sounds like you had a very good day tho! So cool


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