Day 4 – Mount Laguna to Sunrise Trailhead, mile 59

This will be a good day. We all got up around 6am except Rotem… Guess that was the big wine bottle? 😁

The trail was even better than I hoped… There was water after 7 miles and the air was much cooler. Trees, shade, mostly downhill.

I was pretty fast. I had started with 4 liters but saw after 7 miles that I only needed 1.5. So I adjusted for the next 4 miles piece.

Arrived here at the water 11 miles in for my siesta around 12pm.

Many other hikers arrived. We made the plan to camp at mile 59 where a water tank was waiting – it would be an 18 miles day. We left the shades around 3pm and took on the last 7 miles.

We made it to camp around 6.30pm. Short before, I had my first trail magic experience!

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