Day 6 – Julian to Third Gate Cache, mile 91

Woke up at 6am, enjoyed a free breakfast burrito at Carmen’s.
After that the free apple pie at Mom’s.

Went to the Julian Post Office to lighten my backpack. Eric was already sitting there and helped with the shakedown. Thank you Eric! 👍 Eric is one of the guys who cut off the toothbrush handle to reduce weight. Sent clothes, ebook reader, maps, jacket to Steven. Got rid of some underwear, toilet paper…

Paulina, Eric and myself met to hitchhike back to trail around 10am.. we started the hiking around 12pm.

I felt super motivated with my lighter pack. Two hours later I had finished 7 miles! My fastest section so far, despite hiking uphill in the noon sun with no shade.

Soundtrack of today:

Arrived around 6.30pm at the water cache at mile 91 with Eric, Paulina followed shortly after. Dinner. Warm night with a bright moon.

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