Day 7 – Third Gate Water Cache to Warner Springs, mile 109

Woke up around 5.45am, the wind woke me up again and again during night. Was too tired to get my ear plugs. Paulina and Eric left earlier, so when I got out from my tent, I enjoyed the loneliness of the desert while watching sunrise. So beautiful.

I had planned 18 miles today to make it to Warner Springs. It is a very small town, but the Community Resource Center is selling some resupplies and camping is possible in their garden.

I arrived in Warner Springs after two water stops around 4.30pm, just in time before the shop in the community center closes.

Hiker Box in Warner Springs – full of shoes

Will stay here in Warner Springs tomorrow and have my first zero day (zero miles hiking) / rest day tomorrow.

One thought on “Day 7 – Third Gate Water Cache to Warner Springs, mile 109

  1. Hi, seems everything is still okay and you are enjoying your trip.
    It is always a pleasure to read your blog and to take part in your progress. So please enjoy your first day zero. Today will start my first bicycle tour in a minute.
    All the Best


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