Day 10 – Mike’s place to a tent site at mile 144

Slept better than I thought in the cold… Kind of a training for cowboy camping. But getting out from the sleeping bag around 6am wasn’t easy. Mike’s place was covered in dark clouds that were pushed by the storm over the mountains.

I was really worried at that time. As outer shells, I only had my down jacket and my poncho… Both not really good protection for something that looked like a rain storm. There was actually talk about a snow storm… I considered waiting for done weather improvement…
But I had to push on. In a worst case, I could always pitch my tent on trail and find shelter.

500 meters after leaving Mike’s place, the sky was clear and sun was warming my skin! Only his place was covered in clouds!

Looking back at Mike’s place

As I hiked on, the weather cleared up more and I had a nice view of the mountains.

The trail led up a few hundred feet before going downhill for a long stretch. Beautiful scenery was the reward.

We met up in a group of 5-6 hikers around lunch and planned to hike past the water cache at mile 143 to some tent sites with a view.

I staked my tent out carefully. The storm had not hit us yet but the sky was darkening.

We had dinner together, some chat and were in our tents as usual before 8pm (aka hikers midnight).

Will I wake up to rain or even the snow storm?

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