Day 11 – Tentsite to Idyllwild via Paradise Valley Cafe, mile 151

There was no snow. Woke up as usual short before 6am. It was warm and cozy in the tent, outside windy, cold and wet. I was considering for a while to stay in the tent and wait for the sun to succeed – but my patience was limited. We planned to make it to Paradise Valley Cafe for a late breakfast or early lunch.

With the nasty weather, I had my breakfast in the tent.

Breakfast in tent

Moved out around 7am. The weather did not clear up – we walked through the clouds until lunch.

Outfit for the humid air
Cactass and Amanda

We came to another tent site with some goodies from another trail angel… A library, a toilet and water!

A library on trail!
Not John Muir – The Muir John! 😂
Group photo – John Muir in the middle

We made to the highway that would lead in 1 mile to the West to the famous Paradise Valley Cafe around 1030am and immediately got a ride to the cafe.

A lot of hikers were eating there – discussion about the weather was ongoing.

At the end, most of us decided to consider the weather forecast and hitchhike into Idyllwild to wait out the snow.

The day was spent with shopping and relaxing… The evening with cooking and eating…

Get together in our Silver Pines Lodge cabin

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