Day 12 – Zero Day at Idyllwild

Yes, already another resting day 😁. I didn’t really need one, but when I woke up today in a big and warm bed around 730am, a look from the window was all I needed to justify the break:

Snow in Idyllwild

I am still in the desert section, but at 5300 feet. Snow fell overnight, temperatures were around freezing.

Rotem was cooking a Israeli breakfast for the group – thank you! I optimized my gear a bit. My blow up sleeping pad was loosing air every night, so I sent it back to Cascade Designs for warranty repair. I got a foam sleeping pad instead (ZLite) – no need to blow up, no risks poking holes, great for quick lunch breaks… But only sleeping on the back for now. I also got myself a super light and thin wind/rain jacket – Patagonia Houdini, just 100 gram!

Did my food planning for the next five days.

Balanced diet if dry frozen meals, tortillas with peanut butter or tuna, bars

Tomorrow morning I plan to hike up from here at 5300 feet to the PCT at 8000 feet. Following the PCT for 2 miles, there will be a junction at 9000 feet where I will decide to climb to San Jacinto peak at 10800 feet or continue on the PCT. Since I skipped some miles to the snow today, I should have the time. I will decide on the trail tomorrow based on the weather.

My pack is packed and ready to go… I am excited to continue my journey. Hanging out at the coffee house now after getting my first head shave since I started hiking.

Large cappuccino and scone

Tonight probably all hikers will meet at the town cinema – Avengers for just 5USD!

Idyllwild Rustic Theatre

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