Day 17 – Creek Side Camp to Arrastre Trail Camp, mile 256

May 7. Started a bit earlier – on trail at 6.30am. My daily planning mainly follows the daily updated water report. For today, this meant either 15 miles or 21 for wet (nearby water) camping. We had about 2000 feet altitude gain ahead of us – and I had not been feeling too well the last two days. Good thing on the trail – don’t worry now about things that don’t matter right now. So I started hiking without knowing whether I will do a 20+ miles day or stay with a moderate 15 miles.

Walking through burnt forest

The day turned out beautifully! The altitude and the trees – the heat from the last two days was gone!

Song of today: Pink Floyd – Coming back to life

Lunch time was tortilla time again…

Tortilla peanut butter and sunflower seeds
Tortilla with tuna and sunflower seeds
Meeting Diesel D with Cactass

Around mile 253, we came along the famous sofa on the trail. Not further trail magic though – sodas were gone.

Chilling in the woods
Smells like something died here…

Arrived 630pm at a campsite mile 256 – 21 miles today!

Great day. But it’s time for a town stop. I am really filthy now. My shirt and pants are stuff from sweat, salt, dust and dirt.

One thought on “Day 17 – Creek Side Camp to Arrastre Trail Camp, mile 256

  1. Florian – what an incredible journey you’re having so far! I have caught up now on your daily blog. Thank you for sharing your inspirational hike so far. And the kindness of strangers…magical. Relieved the rattlesnakes are staying clear of you I’m cheering you on from Seattle!

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