Day 18 – Arrastre camp to Big Bear Lake via interstate 18, mile 266

May 8. Connected to earth. That’s how I literally felt when a small earthquake woke me at 4.50am. It just lasted a few seconds. Sleeping on the ground, it felt close. Not threatening.


We all got up a bit earlier and left the tentsite at 6.30am. Aiming to be in Big Bear for late breakfast, I was pushing it with the motto of the day: 10 miles before 10am.

He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.
– Friedrich Nietzsche

Trail in the morning light
Two lizards

Coming to the interstate 18 crossing at 10am, there was another surprise… Trail magic… Cold soft drinks and Twizzlers!

Trail magic coming to Big Bear

We got really lucky with hitchhiking into town. The first (!!) car stopped, a nice lady took us right into town. Some late breakfast, some resupply shopping at Vons…

Time at the pool

Will enjoy the evening in town with more food, some beers and one night in a bed!

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