Day 19 – Interstate 18 to Caribou Creek, mile 275

May 9. Morning in town.

Breakfast at Teddybears

Some last shopping – and I finally got some chewable vitamin C. I hope this will help with my cold.

The weather forecast for the region was motivating me this morning. Temperatures will drop to a perfect 15-20 Celsius during the next days. Hiking will be so much easier.

Weather May 9 and onwards in Big Bear

Started around 2.30pm on the trail where I left off.

At the drop-off/pick-up point at the I18, we ran into Rotem! Hadn’t seen him for a while… Glad we met again!

The trail leads through respectively around some burned forest.

Steps in the blackened sand

Afternoon break at 4.45pm at mile 272. Doing well today. Napping in the shade… Sun falling softly through the branches of a tree into my face. Wind blowing gently in the leaves.

Song of today: Ian Late – All things must end

Pitched my tent around 6.30pm.

Feeling optimistic today. Confident for tomorrow. Plan is to aim at 20 miles for tomorrow.

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