Day 24 – From tentsite to Wrightwood, mile 369

May 14. Got up around 5.30am. Enjoyed breakfast while watching sunrise.

Sunrise above a sea of clouds. Just happy to be here. So little you need.

Hit the trail 730am. Just 13 miles to go today to get to the highway crossing at mile 369 from where we will hitch into Wrightwood.
First break 930am at 362, 8100 feet.

Johanna (aka Tinkle) and Oldtimer caught up with us.

When Johanna became Tinkle

Made it to the highway around 1.30pm. A pickup came up from town, turned around to bring us down. Once again… Thank you unknown trail angel for being so kind. You make this so much easier. Wrightwood… Another super friendly hiker town.

First stop in town was lunch at Grizzly’s Cafe, then resupply shopping for 5 days at the local supermarket.

Talking about hiker friendliness…

Wrightwood’s Jensen’s

We had to wait for our laundry quite a bit… So made it to the Yodelers rather late, had some Mexican food and a beer. Relaxed evening in town with nice company.

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