Day 23 – Tentsite via Cajon Pass to tentsite, mile 356

May 13, Mother’s day.

Ascend to Cajon

Started walking 8am, made to McDonald’s at Cajon pass at 930am.

Someone was practicing aim…
PCT sign with McDonald’s
McDonald’s at Cajon Pass

The time at McDonald’s was special. There were at any time probably 10 PCT hikers with their packs, dirt in the face and bad smell present. Other guests were kind of curious. Whenever I noticed that, I offered an explanation to the people in the next booth. Feedback was always the same – people not only understand but were impressed and congratulated more than once for the courage. And often enough there was a “I wish I could do that”. One guy said he wished he had the time, but he has only one lifetime to spend… My answer “exactly” made him laugh.

Left 1pm. Lots of thoughts about how much water to carry. 27 miles and more than 5000 feet altitude without water. I opted for 3 liters for hiking and 2 for dry camping… Later it would turn out to be more than enough.

Then after first 5 miles there was a water cache at 3pm. Drank some and pushed on. Arrived at 4.40pm at 10 miles, 5200 feet. Amazing view.

Song of today: Sitting on top of the world – Chris Goss

One hiker who prefers to remain anonymous addressed the trail/landscape after enjoying the amazing view alone for 30min, realizing how easy the ascend was so far:

“You are my beautiful bitch”

We wanted to finish at least half of the ascend to Wrightwood, so we kept pushing until around 7.15pm with 14 miles in, a total 18 miles day. 6200 feet, coming from a low around 2700.

Awesome view on the clouds pushing over the mountains.

Sea of clouds
Camping above the clouds

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