Day 28 – Tentsite to North Fork Ranger Station, mile 436

May 18. Started us usual around 7am. Planned to be at a fire station in 7 miles – there were supposed to be either softdrinks available or the opportunity to get pizza delivered. Arriving there, we realized that the station was basically dead. We could have ordered pizza, but considering opening hours and wait time, we just filled up water and moved on.

Camped at the North Fork ranger station at mile 436. Since the designated tentsites were full, we moved downhill into some old horse stalls. Everyone got his own little stall to set up his tent.

Song of today: Ginuwine – Pony

Under peer pressure, I tried wiping my feet clean – after three days on dusty trails, not that easy.

When going to bed, I already noticed humidity settling on the sleeping bag… Camping on the grass might after all be not a great idea.

After 24 miles, too tired to change the setup of the tent.

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