Day 29 – From North Fork Ranger Station to Acton KOA, mile 444

May 19. Woke up around 6am in the horse stalls with lots of condensation water on the inside of the tent and on my sleeping bag. I had pitched my tent on long grass – no wonder.

So we took our time with packing up, hoping the sun would dry our stuff soon. Had a chat over coffee with Artemis another hiker and Ron who volunteers at the ranger station. As a previous PCT and AT hiker, he enjoys feeding the hikers with goodies like soft drinks, apples and ice cream. In the morning, he prepared free hotdogs… Thank you! Had a chat with him about Germany. He had been stationed in Flensburg in the North of Germany so he spoke some German – so close to Eckernförde where I have been born. And Ron once met a celebrity from Flensburg – every man 18+ should know… Guess! 😂

So we had a really late and lazy start and started walking just around 9am.

Around 12pm, we came after 8 miles to the Acton KOA campground with a small shop, swimming pool…

The longer we enjoyed the pool, the clearer it became that today would become a Nero… Instead of hiking the planned 10 more miles into Aqua Dulce / Hiker Heaven, we decided to enjoy the rest of the day here on the lawn.

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