Day 32 – From Casa de Luna to Sawmill campground, mile 498

May 22. There was breakfast offered at Casa de Luna at 6am with coffee, pancakes. Well fed, we quickly got a ride to the trail.

Riding in the bed of a pickup to the trail head
Another snake sighting

With the limited water availability, we planned another 20 miles day, heading to the Sawmill campground with water available from a nearby guzzler. The guzzler in this case was a tank that is fed with rainwater collected from the roof covering the tank. Getting water was a bit cumbersome… Crawling under the low roof, opening the tank and reaching low to get to the water.

In the water report, a pesky bear had been reported at this campground. So the bear was the topic of the evening… We pitched our tents closely together. Discussion about food storage… Hang it (if you know how), keep it in the tent? I decided to keep my food close to be in the tent. Others hanged their food in the trees – not so sure if I bear could not easily get there…

Fell asleep quickly despite the talk about the bear. He never showed. 😉

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