Day 31 – From tentsite to Casa de Luna in Greenvalley, mile 478

May 21. Woke up around 6am, still in the clouds. Breakfast in the tent. Left around 730am with Cactass, some of the others still in their tents due to the nasty weather.

There were 16 miles to go to for today, aiming to get to Greenvalley/Casa de Luna.

Casa de Luna is a special place. Together with Hiker Heaven one of the most famous trail angel places in California. Less organized than Hiker Heaven or Scout&Frodo, but very relaxed place. In the back a huge garden, tentsites everywhere. Decorated with hand painted stones, e.g.

What happens in the forest stays in the forest.
Next stone: Except herpes.
Next stone: Expect herpes.
Last stone: Accept herpes.


Taco salad in the evening. I got spanked by the trail angel and host Terry for not fully complying to the dinner table rules. 😂 Later the evening, everyone had to dance for her to receive the PCT Class of 2018 bandana. Holding the bandana felt a bit unreal. I remember it felt like yesterday when Scout&Frodo spoke about the bandana at mile 478 – it sounded so far away.
When taking the mandatory group photo, Terry had a surprise move to ensure smiles on everyone’s face.

What a day… 🤣

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