Day 34 – From Highway 138 crossing to Tylerhorse Canyon campground, mile 542

May 24. Got up at 4am, quick breakfast at the market. Since they feed all about 10 hikers camping there, it took a bit longer than planned. Driving to the trail head from Wee Vill Market was planned at 5am, with the breakfast taking longer than expected, we actually made it to trail at 6am.

The famous aquaduct walk was waiting and with that normally one of the hottest sections of the PCT. Temperatures in the 100s F/ 40s C are common – but we were once again lucky with the weather. No shade though, so still not an easy day.

It was 17 miles on very flat terrain to the only water source, we had planned totally 24 miles for that day.

First break after 10 miles, at 9.30am, with little shade. We covered the 17 miles until 1pm. Filtering the water, a long rest under a bridge followed. Probably 20 hikers were waiting out the hottest hours there.

What’s the difference between a homeless person and a PCT hiker?
There is none. 😂🤣

We started walking at 3.30pm again, last 7 miles to Tylerhorse Canyon Campground. Arrived 6.15pm. Quickly pitched tent after this long and hot 24 miles day.

My newly acquired two blisters were painful. Happy to get to town tomorrow and enjoy the planned zero day. This time I feel I need it to rest and take care of my blisters.

Amazing day. Went out of my comfort zone again. Thank you PCT.

2 thoughts on “Day 34 – From Highway 138 crossing to Tylerhorse Canyon campground, mile 542

    1. Yes. Just another 150 miles to the end of the desert section / beginning of the Sierra in Kennedy Meadows. I am really looking forward to being on that trail again… JMT here I come… 😁


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