Day 35 – From Tylerhorse Canyon via Springs Road to Tehachapi, mile 558

May 25. We had planned a very early start the day before, but that didn’t really work out. So today we woke up around 4am and hit the trail by at 5am. There were just 17 miles to the highway crossing that would take us with hitchhiking to Tehachapi and with that to the long anticipated break… Food, laundry, shower…

We have been constantly increasing the daily mileage… so even this 17 miles day feels like half a day or a nero. 😉

After some more altitude gain, the trail descended constantly with a view on a very big wind farm.

Song of today: Come on, come on – Billy Idol

My blister still hurt, but the thought of a break in Tehachapi helped pushing forward. We made it to the highway crossing around 1pm… and as usual, getting a hitchhike was no problem at all. Thank you Tehachapi citizens for being so hiker friendly!

Hitchhiking with two dogs on the back seat. Everyone is happy, and the dogs enjoyed licking some dirty and sweaty hikers…
Food at Denny’s just opposite of the hotel

After lunch checking in to the Holiday Express, I picked up my new home for the next 5 months… My ZPacks Duplex tent! 😁 So excited…

Left: MSR Hubba hubba (1.7kg), right: Zpacks Duplex (0.6kg)

We didn’t really do much in the evening. After dinner at Subway’s, everyone was just exhausted. Two more lazy days in town with lots of food, rest and a movie or two to come.

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