Day 38 – Tehachapi to tentsite, mile 586

May 28. Enjoyed a last time the continental breakfast in the hotel. I called the trail angels Jeff and Kerry from the other day and they agreed to pick all 6 of us up at the hotel at 8.30am and get us to the trailhead at highway 85. We started walking around 9am.

Trees were providing shade from time to time. A welcoming break from the heat.

At lunch break, a Don Quixote challenged one of the many generators of the wind park we passed.

Check second windmill from the right

Two breaks before coming to the water at 17 miles. Many hikers, all needing lots of water. Last water in another 18 miles.

Water Filtering Get Together

It was already close to 6pm, so we voted to just go 2.5 more miles and dry camp around mile 586, even if that would make it not a 20 mile day.

Pitched my new tent for the first time. I love it.

First pitch – ZPacks Duplex
Yes, the bathtub is supposed to be looking like this

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