Day 39 – Tentsite to Landers Campground, mile 609

May 29. Another early start around 5am. The new tent is good, but my sleep wasn’t.

Flowers in the early morning sun
Moon still shining at the desert

Today we would hit the 600 miles marker. It feels like hitting these 100 miles markers happens faster and faster. But it would also be a really hot day.

It was another climb to get to the 600 miles at about 5600 feet, later we would climb to 6300 feet. It feels like we are getting closer to the Sierra despite the heat.

600 miles and the crew

In the afternoon I walked finally through some forest providing shade – a truly very beautiful landscape.

Pitched my tent first, had my food prepared when the others came after a longer lunch break.

Not my day. Not enough sleep. Went to bed early.

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