Day 44 – From Spanish Needle Creek to Manter Creek, mile 694

June 3. Early start, 5am on trail. As often, not so easy to get up. But once awake, the cool air and the darkness is nice.


The vertical profile today said a first climb to 7000 feet, down to 5500 feet, up again to 8000 feet. With every day you feel the Sierra coming closer. Also the trail itself changes. Less sandy patches, more and more rocks.

Ant highway

Took a break after getting water 12 miles in. Nearby forest road. Car driving by. I joked about smelling trail magic… And guess what! Mountain Dew, Cliff bars, cookies,…. Yeah! Surprising trail magic is the best.

The last days in the desert turn to be really hot. But the beautiful scenery, the blossoming flowers, …

After the 8000 feet peak today, it was more or less downhill towards Manter Creek. The heat remained and the last few miles felt longer and longer…

Coming down to Manter Creek

Came to campground after 24 miles today around 6pm, with tomorrow morning less than 10 miles left to Kennedy Meadows and the breakfast there at Grumpy Bear’s Retreat.

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