Day 49 – From Diaz River to Rock Creek, mile 760

June 8. We started walking around 7am after a quick breakfast. After climbing a bit less than two miles up to the next meadow, we met Cactass again who was waiting for us drinking coffee.


We agreed on Rock Creek at mile 760 as final destination for today and Guitar lake just below Mt Whitney for tomorrow.

Chicken Spring Lake

We set off for the first 9 miles to take a break at Chicken Spring lake where we arrived around 1130am. Applied new blister care to my feet. Now it is actually only the left foot that gives me pain and trouble walking.

Nice long lunch break… Washing my feet in cold water, napping, eating, …


Last miles become more and more difficult despite easy trail even or downhill.. Everyone seems to have trouble to perform.


Coming by Rock Creek – at this spot, I spent my first night on trail during my 2016 John Muir Trail Through Hike

Setting up for another cold night.

Song of the day: Eddie Vedder – Long Nights

About 18 miles in total.

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